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Toby Danger FEB 2021-30.jpg

Toby Danger exists as the universe's answer to the question - what if Weird Al had learned guitar instead of accordion?


The illegitimate love child of rock and roll and comedy; born, in an unmistakable moment of cosmic irony, in the Rubber City - Akron, Ohio, Ryan Collins, Josh "Iceman" Ison, and Josh "Artemis" Arthurs are mad scientists of sorts, and the trio seems set on using parts of Foo Fighters, Green Day, Tenacious D, and "Weird Al" Yankovic to create a Frankenstein's monster of modern rock that does stand up on the weekends.


Toby Danger is a rock and roll explosion of comedy and electricity shining a raw and honest light on our current culture and, ultimately, reminding all of us not to take ourselves so seriously.

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